Wine, Wellington v Adelaide and the quality of the A-League

I’m watching Wellington v Adelaide which i was surprised to learn is being played in Auckland.

I have decided to support Wellington, whilst i have nothing against United and i realise it may be unaustralian to cheer for the kiwis, I’m rather enjoying this bottle of Sav Blanc from Marlborough a stones-throw from Wellington’s normal home.

Discussion is starting to focus on how the A-League has improved. Certainly ‘the experts’ worldwide are taking note with Tommy Smyth (with a y) ESPN’s former Celtic legend stating that he believes the Roar are the 25th best team in the world.

They’re good but not that good. Its actually the two former roar player playing in this game that make me think the league has improved. Dario Vidosic has returned to these shores after having a couple of good seasons abroad. He hasnt dominated since he has returned, which many would have expected him to. His ball for Djite’s goal on the stroke of half time shows his immense quality.

Another returnee Spase Dilevski seems to have lost what he had at the Roar. In Miron’s system where the Roar created and created but couldnt score Spase was one of the Roar’s most exciting players and whilst critcically his final ball was lacking he had an excitement factor that now appears lacking in his game. Maybe in the 4 years he has lost his pace but he hasnt shown me too much in his Adelaide games to date.  These are signs that the A-League has moved on somewhat since these guys left.

Second half on its way, and the wine is still going well

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