In addition to the below announcement

In addition to the below article, I thought I needed to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has supported over the 4 years since its early creation. At first, it was done as a joke, and I quickly learnt that I knew nothing about the local game.

Thankfully, that has changed over time and I appreciate all those who educated me along the way. I am sad to see go, the name said it all, it is your Brisbane Premier League and hopefully the site made it more fun for the players and coaches and allowed somewhere for you to find out about games you were not able to go to.

Phil Davis and Stan Uzunov are very talented writers in very different ways, it has been a pleasure reading their material, and I have been proud the site has given them an avenue. I will always remember Phil marveling the first time I paid him for writing his Funny Old Game column; it was wondrous for him that someone had paid him for his written word.

There are many fantastic memories. Blanchy and Paul van Dyk have come onto the scene and given all visitors high definition highlights with unique commentary. It is an apt time to start anew under one banner and one website. would simply not have existed in 2010 without the support of Adrian Davies of DF Sports. The sponsorship he provided was critical to the sites operation and so he deserves and has our sincerest appreciation. Thanks also go to Premier Sports who sponsored our player and coach of the month awards.

Thanks once again on behalf of the whole YourBPL team for your support.

Stuart Flint

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