Flinty’s Ratings (Roar v Glory)

I am not overly comfortable at being thought of as a geek, however with a maths degree and working for a bank and wearing glasses means the geekiness tag is something I live with. Not helping was this piece of analysis I did last night. I tried to watch the Roar vs. Glory game very intently and made marks against the players when they did something good and something bad. I hope you feel one way another about these rating, either in agreement or in disgust!

Here is my scoring:

Theoklitos 5 (2good, 3bad) – I did not blame him for the goal but there was a dodgy clearance that could have got us in bother. Other than that he was not called into action

Smith 5 (5good, 5bad) – To blame for the goal and some loose passing out from the back.

De Vere 3.5 (6good,9bad) – 9 mistakes from De Vere was far more than you want from a defender that has played as well as Luke has in previous games. Was better after half time, and is the sort of player who will backup with a solid showing next week.

Steffanuto 6 (12 good, 8 bad) – Fantastic second half, gave Henrique a lot to work with

Paartalu 7.5 (12good, 4 bad) – Sometimes his distribution is poor but not yesterday. Made key interceptions/tackles and delivered quick accurate balls to turn defence into attack. My reading into his substitution is he wanted to give Bratten some gametime.

Babarouses 6 (14 good, 15 bad) – Maybe the most infuriating player at times, but can show moments of brilliance. Shooting was wayward last night and often gave the ball away.

Murdocca 6 (6 good, 4 bad) – Massimo was solid and kept the play moving. He played some good insightful balls and did not do a lot wrong. Unlucky to be subbed, however the substitution worked perfectly with the introduction of Henrique.

Solorzano 5 (2 good, 3 bad) – Was not involved in enough. Did not mark him down for not getting into positions for some good crosses. He and Babarouses were not good enough for the roar to claim 3 points.

Nicholls 8 (14 good, 4 bad) – Mitch was nearly perfect in the second half and scoring the goal after a so-so first half. My Roar Man of the Match

Broich 7 (13 good, 7 bad) – Started the game well and had a good second stanza, had a period to forget in last 20 minutes of the first half.

Susak 5 (6 good, 6 bad) – Milan started with some nice touches in the first 5 minutes but went backwards afterwards.


Henrique 7.5 (7good, 1bad) – Magnificent impact, vital in setting up Nicholls for the equaliser

Bratten 6 (3good, 2bad) – Nice touches

Mundy 5 (1good, 1bad) – Had little time to get involved.

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