Football Brisbane Show

Tune in to the football radio station 101FM on Wednesday evening the 15th December at 9pm for an “Exclusive” from the President of Football Brisbane. Hear it all first hand in an interview which will provide answers to the many and varied questions that many of you continue to ask on this forum.

This is the last show for the year, and it is anticipated that there will be many such interviews in 2011 with people who make the decisions about our game in Queensland, and indeed with others who may well contribute in the future.

Which clubs will compete in the Premier Youth Division in 2011?

What are the governing body’s plans regarding coach education?

What is the status in relation to age restrictions for players U-17?

How can we ensure that every young football player is given the
opportunity to play at the highest level he or she is capable of?

What are the plans in terms of promoting the local game?

What can we do about regulating player payments?

How financially healthy is Football Brisbane as an organisation?
This and much, much more.

Tune in to what is expected to be a fascinating 60 minutes of information about local football.

Joe Fenech

Live streaming available at

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