End of Season Wrap-Up – Part 5 – Our Favourite Moments

In our final end of season wrap-up report, the YBPL crew reminisces about our favourite moments in the 2010 season.

For Andy it was the divine news that Taringa had won their first game of the season against Pine Rivers in Round 11. I imagine this was well celebrated within the Taringa-camp, and it helped inspire the confidence that led to survival.

For Phil it was Vinny Leite’s celebration after his goal against Redlands. United were held by an outstanding display and Leite’s goal at Redlands, and goals late against Taringa and Souths assured Mt Gravatt BPL football in 2011 (politics permitting).

Blanchy and I were commenting live at Brisbane Wolves and were blown away by one of the best team goals we’d seen. Alan Waller had taken some stick for playing a ‘direct approach’ to Dom Hudak in previous games and this goal was proof that Pine Rivers could play some beautiful football. Blanchy nominated it as his favourite moment of the season.

For me there are a few that stick out. Doing the podcasts early in the season was fantastic fun, as was the short-lived world cup specials. Phil as Pim Verbeek and Sepp Blatter were, as the kids say, lol moments. On the pitch I think that the Rochedale v Power game was the most entertaining this season, with Tabulo’s 45 yard free kick the highlight.

The moments I have really enjoyed is when I get to sneak away and watch tactically what the coaches are doing and listening to their instructions, and seeing how that impacts the games.

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