Redlands United win Women’s Grand Final

The She-Devils wrapped up the treble with a 2-1 win tonight at Perry Park.

In the second half The Gap keeper Lara Boon Sarah Pittman had made two spectacular saves to stop Rae Dower’s side doubling their lead. Redlands star striker Chelsea Lees came off as her side tried to make it 2. The second goal came and was crucial. Teneille Boaler finishing at the far post.

Rebecca Price’s 40 yard screamed set up a nervous last ten minutes but Redlands were up to the task

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2 Responses to Redlands United win Women’s Grand Final

  1. wbplayer says:

    Highly doubtful that lara boon made 2 spectacular saves in the second half considering she was sent off in the 39th minute. She was replaced by the reserves keeper Sarah Pittman who played out the game.
    First goal went to sophie hogben with the penalty.
    Good game to all players and well done to Gap who played majority of the game with 10 players but fought hard and made it impossible to tell that they were a man down. Perhaps a very different outcome without the red card incident.

    • Stuart Flint says:

      only found out on sunday that Boon had been sent-off, I only saw the second half and assumed it was The Gap’s first-choice keeper.

      Thoroughly enjoyed the second half, 2 cracking saves from Pittman and an amazing 40 yard strike

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