Grand Final Coaching Notes

“I would like to welcome everyone to the last game of the season – the Grand Final with the top two teams in the league playing off to be winners. Rochedale are crowned the Premiers, came runners up in the Cup and have reached the Grand Final so you have to put them down as favourites, but we will give our best shot to try and overturn the odds. I would like to thank all the teams, coaches and volunteers who have made this the most competitive league for a long time. Everyone at Wolves has had a great time when meeting people and coaches from the other clubs so long may it continue. I hope you enjoy the game.” – Sam Saif, Coach, Brisbane Wolves

“The Final game of the season! Veto Premier League Grand Final Day and I suppose it is fitting that the Clubs who finish first and second in the league are participating. As a player I played in many Grand Finals.  It is a nice way to finish the season off. It is a day all supporters, families and most of all, players should enjoy. While to me, the League is and will always be the Number One aim, the Grand Final is the icing on the cake, particularly when you have a season like we have had.  They say a week is a long time in Football.  Our recent battles with Capalaba in the Canale Cup and the Major Semi Final prove that football is “A Funny Old Game”.  I would like to wish my players the best of luck today. Seize the moments because they don’t come along very often.  Enjoy the day and remember, your footballing days are the best of your life.  When it’s over it’s over. Make the most of it while you can.  I would like to congratulate Sam Saif and the Brisbane Wolves players, coaching staff and officials on a fantastic season.  Good luck today.” – Kieran Cooper, Coach, Rochedale Rovers

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