Coops Q and A

Following the shock news that Kieran Cooper would not coach Rochedale in season 2011, I conducted a Q and A with Coops

Q. Why is now the time to stand down?

I actually decided this before a ball was kicked this season. I informed my Board that this would be may last year. I would love to say I am stepping down whilst we are the Top but thats just the way it panned out. I was stepping down regardles. But to really answer your question. I just feel now is the right time. When you Work, Eat, Breath football it is sometimes hard to keep motivated. I have to deal with many Issues with juniors, parents etc etc. Plus Political Issues. It is sometimes hard to step out of your office and into the changing rooms with a clear head. I think a change will be good for everybody.

Q. What does the future hold for you in football?

Well i will stay working at Rochedale Rovers in Administration. Maybe i will coach again one day, who knows? Maybe I will try and do my bit with “The Brains Trust” of Football, I don’t know. I just would like some weekends Free to Choose and not Have to be at Football.

Q. Is there a specific game you look back on with pride?

With Pride! No Not really. Of course when your winning its fantastic. Many times it may be a change you made or an adjustment to the system and then you feel a little Pride within yourself. This of course goes the other way as well. I have had many sleepless night. If i had to pick one game that was a classic it would be the 2007 Grand Final against the Strikers. I doubt if we have seen a Final like it before and doubt if we will see one again.  (click the link to reminisce )

Q. Whats the best advice you ever got as a coach?

Like all coaches i have learned from the people who coached me. I have taken a little bit of everybody. I have been given plenty of advice as well. “Believe in what you are doing”. Your “Gut Instinct is usually the right one”. When Peter Bannon coached me at the end of my playing days he was fantastic. I was 37/38 at the time and how he handled me as a player was brilliant. I learned a lot and I have been able to use that on many occasions. But if it came down to the best advice ever, it would have to be from my Partner Ken Armstrong. He once told me after a loss “Nobody has died & the Sun will still be shining tomorrow”. I think thats the best advice ever for any coach. We must always remember, It is only a Game.

Q. The timing of the announcement, on the eve of the grand final is interesting, do you envisage it will have a positive effect on your squad as they battle to send you off in style?

Well if Thursday Nights training is anything to go by then No. The players were over me in a Minute haha. I do not know how it will effect the players. I would imagine it will have no bearing. I believe if the players go out and play the best they can then they will be a great chance of winning

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