End of Season Wrap-Up – Part 2 – Coach of the Year

The coach of the year award is always a difficult one for me personally to choose.  There is a matter of the tools that each coach at his disposal. There isn’t a level playing field for coaches, with different clubs having different budgets.  Also the role of coach is very different at some clubs with the role being coach and everything else around the club for some, whilst others turn up coach and then go home.  Neither is right or wrong but should you take it into account?

Joe Fenech was delighted to be named the Coach of the Team of the Year and was flabbergasted and honoured with the award.  Joe certainly would be up there for my vote with a low budget and high commitment to all facets of the Taringa Rovers Soccer Football Club.

Phil Davis and Blanchy stuck together again and both chose the coaching staff at Rochedale.  Kieran Cooper and Kenny Armstrong led Rovers to a league title by an amazing margin that seemed incomprehensible at the start of the season.  After a long deliberation I have to agree, though I think special mention needs to go to Jeff Hogan and Joe Fenech for the work they did in keeping their clubs in the league.  In addition, Alan Hunter had a fantastic year with his Easts side battling injuries and 4th was a very solid return. 

Andy Travers also picked the Rochedale pair to make it unanimous, his justification is that it was meant to be a close competition was turned on its head with Rochedale proving us all wrong.

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