End of Season Wrap-Up – Part 1 – Player of the Year

Over the coming weeks the BPL-cru, which I am a proud component of, will unveil our personal highlights from this season, including the winners and losers and our best XI.  We start today with who we think should be the Player of the Season.  Best and Fairest isn’t YourBPL’s style so anyone who kicked a ball is eligible.

I’ll go first.  My selection is Shaun Feuerriegel, which is an interesting start.  Shaun raised his game to a fantastic level leading up to the clash between Power and Rochedale.  One challenge saw Shaun miss a few weeks, however he has still managed to notch 21 goals. With a supporting forward like Royce Brownlie playing alongside him that may not have been enough to nab it, however it has impressed me that he has continued scoring despite the lack of an experienced front man to play off.

I was sorely tempted to go for Carl Tabulo, whose 27 goals this season are a remarkable achievement.  ‘Tabs’ has one of the best first touches in the state and I’ll include all A-League players in that.  The ball is so close to his control, a second after thinking that it might go out for a throw in or goal kick.  Tabs finishes from tight angles and has become lethal from free-kicks.  Those are a few reasons why Andy Travers considers Carl Tabulo the player of the season.  I opted against Tabulo as I felt he had a better supporting cast and did not work as hard as many other players. 

The other guys chose to stay with Rochedale too.  You can’t blame them they were the league winners at a canter.  Both Blanchy and Phil, inspired by recent conversations with Coops, both gave their nod to Chris Burley.  I swear Phil had only heard of him 3 weeks ago!  Burley has had an excellent season.  Ably supported by the back two and Terry Hughes in midfield so often Burley does the work that critics and fans never see as crucial.  Intercepting balls in midfield and playing Hughes, Lovell, Tabulo, Hastings etc.. into space has launched many a successful attacking foray.

In Summary:

Stuart Flint: Shaun Feuerriegel (Power)

Philip Davis: Chris Burley (Rochedale)

Robert Blanch:  Chris Burley (Rochedale)

Andy Travers:  Carl Tabulo (Rochedale)

We’ll announce later in the week our coach of the year, feel free to comment below if you disagree with our suggestions, or more pleasantly if you agree.

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