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To all our readers and supporters,

What a wonderful season it has been, although few of us thought Rochedale would run away with the league the way they have. We still have a few rounds left to sort out the bottom 2 positions on the ladder and I’ll also be watching the top of Division 1 closely. The Canale Cup and the finals series in September should be fun for us all.

Around this time last year I pulled the pin on Yourbpl and was encouraged to get the site up and running again. We’ve had a great year with fantastic contributions from people like Phil Davis, Stan Uzunov and Andy Travers, not to mention the face of BPL, Robert Blanch who has been involved with YourBPL as well as PaulyTV. Paul Van Dyk has transformed the landscape with his HD coverage of the league.

The site still relies on me doing a lot of administration. Good ideas like the squad pages require me to spend more time than I have and thus they are not as complete as I would like. There is also a heavy burden on writing match previews, reports, updating scores and tables. Before you get the violin out we have received financial support through our sponsors (DF Sports and Premier Sports) as well as a ‘financial thank-you’ from Football Brisbane.
Personally, I have a few things coming up such as my sisters visit and trips to the Whitsundays, Newcastle and Melbourne planned in the next month. This effectively would mean no updates on YourBPL, during important weekends of the season.

I want to maintain somewhere for everyone to be able to locate interesting news about football in Brisbane, whilst reducing my own involvement. I am announcing today that YourBPL will move to a blog format that we’ll transition to from today onwards. It will allow a certain group of posters to be able to make updates without my involvement.

The additional benefit is that you’ll now be able to comment on stories, which I hope adds an extra dimension. As detailed in the above I don’t have time to moderate every post so I will operate it that you have to sign in to post and your username has to reflect who you are. Any complaints etc.. and it’s a 1-month ban straight out. This will be unfair to some but its just the easiest way to manage this.

Hope you all enjoy the end to the season, and the finals, and your end of season functions.

Stuart Flint

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